CTemplar’s 4 Wall Protection

4 Wall Protection was defined by the CTemplar team with the goal of helping people review their privacy needs. Imagine that your privacy is a four-walled fortress. If a wall is missing, then an enemy can quickly get into your fortress. Therefore it’s vital that you make sure you receive adequate protection in the places that are important.

We feel CTemplar is the most secure email service because it has the strongest features. Here are the “4 Walls” we do best.

  1. Wall 1: Encryption Protection
    1. We support encrypted Content, Contacts and Subjects
    2. We are the only secure email service that is working on encrypting your metadata (Work in progress).
  2. Wall 2: The Only “Zero Access” End-to-End Encryption
    1. “End-to-End Encryption” using javascript has flaws. The CTemplar team was the first to solve the flaws making our End-to-End encryption the very first “Zero Access” email platform.
  3. Wall 3: Strongest Legal Protection: Iceland has no data retention laws that apply to webmail. When you press “delete” it’s instantly deleted.
    1. Iceland legally allows us to offer total anonymity.
    2. Iceland is outside the “14 Eyes” and has no US MLAT Treaties.
    3. We require an Icelandic court order to turn over your data. If we turn over your data, it will only be encrypted information.
  4. Wall 4: Company: We formed the company in Seychelles because it gives the maximum protection for company records in the world.
    1. We do not record or list any of our user’s data for corporate reasons, and our Seychelles corporation legally allows this.
    2. We are owned by those that built the site. No global corporations. No secret government sponsors

A service that offers end-to-end encryption is worthless if they can decrypt your emails and give them to anyone who asks. The strongest fortress in the world is not secure if a wall is missing or gate wide open. People desiring the highest level of protection should not buy discount services. Conversely, people that only require minimum security protection may not need the strongest protection.

Your privacy is your fortress, be sure you get the privacy protection that meets your needs.

The CTemplar Team