We use 4096 bit RSA encryption. This ensures the confidentiality of your messages.

Anonymous Usage by design

We support & allow anonymous usage. We do not collect personal data and therefore cannot be made to reveal it.

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La plus grande protection juridique au monde

Iceland has among the strongest privacy laws that allow anonymous usage and instantly deleting emails

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4 protections

4 Protections, une exclusivité CTemplar, garantit une protection complète de vos données en continu.

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Email Comparison Table

Comparison tables are often used to show the differences between services.  We respect these services, we have reviewed this table with both services and even recommend to them our users...

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CTemplar Checksum Implementation

Encrypted Email Services Can Hack You Using JavaScript JavaScript can be used to serve malicious code, exploits, or hacks. This is illustrated by Gizmodo, USENIX, Ask Leo, Stack Exchange, ITNEXT, and it is a recurring theme...

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Send unbreakable emails & protect your key professional and personal details with next-gen encryption using privacy-centric Icelandic storage.