The A – Z Of Anonymous Email Without Phone Number

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A- Z Of Anonymous Email

Today, there are over 3.9 billion email users in the world, according to a Radicati report. Every day, they are sending and receiving 300 billion emails. And yes, if you have a Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook account, you are among them.

But stop and consider for a moment, how much information you give out about yourself with each email message you send via any of these.

Is it worth it?

What if you could make your email messages a lot more private and even anonymous?

You can and I am going to show you how to send anonymous email without being traced.

Why is Gmail Not Private (And Why You Can’t Send Anonymous Email Without Phone Number)

But first, let’s show you why Gmail is not anonymous nor private.

I am going to create a new Google Account to drive the point home.

To create a new Google Account (and get a new Gmail address, you need to go to this page:

I’ll be using a randomly generated name for this.

Gmail account creation

Okay, so far so good. You don’t have to use your real name to sign up. 

But here’s what happens when you click the “Next” button:

Gmail Phone number

That’s right. Google asks you for your phone number to “verify it’s really you”.

This can be used to identify you and you can say goodbye to being anonymous while using Gmail.

Can You Send Anonymous Email Without IP Address or Phone Number?

As you can see, even if you use a fake name to sign in to Gmail, you still need to give them a phone number. 

Granted, you can use a fake number by using a free SMS verification service. The problem is that, even if you do find one that works with Gmail properly, it still won’t matter.

That’s because your IP address can still be used to track you.

An IP or Internet Protocol address is a unique address given to each device connected to the network. It usually comes in the form that looks like this: 

What is an IP address for? 

Well, just like you need an address to a physical location, your device on the Internet needs an IP address to send and receive data over the network. 

The problem is that you don’t always want others to know your IP address. For example, if you’re trying to send an anonymous email without registration, you may not want to reveal your IP address.

The reason for this is that an IP address can be used to trace your location and an email will reveal it.

And that’s easier to do than you think. All you have to do is find an email of a person you want to know the IP of, click on the three dots button (“More”) next to the “Reply” arrow and select “Show Original”.

Now, in the next window look for a line of text beginning with “Received: from” and at the end of that line you’ll see a series of numbers such as That will be your IP address.

How much will your IP address reveal about you?

A lot in fact. Not the least of which is your geographical location.

A simply geolocation IP service can show:

  • What country are you in?
  • What city or town do you browse from
  • Your Zip Code.
  • Both your latitude and longitude.
  • Your Internet Service Provider (ISP).
  • Even your Internet speed.

Now, thankfully, no GeoIP location service is 100% accurate, meaning they still can’t tell your exact street address. 

Why is it a problem if someone knows your IP address?

Someone finding out your IP address is not a big deal on its own. GeoIPs are based on public information that anyone has access to. 

An IP itself is not secret. For 99% of people, it doesn’t matter if someone finds their IP.

What if you are in that 1% that absolutely must keep their identity hidden when emailing someone? Your IP can be used in combination with other data like what websites you visit, can reveal too much information about you.

Is there a way to send anonymous email without IP address?

If you are using Gmail, I will have to disappoint you. You can’t send anonymous email without IP address. 

Of course, this doesn’t have to be your IP address. You can use either of these to hide your real IP address:

  • Don’t use the Internet at home
  • Use a VPN service
  • Use a Proxy server
  • Or, use a Tor browser

The problem is that a public WiFi address is not secure (there is usually no encryption). As for the other three, it might be difficult to configure them correctly if you don’t know what you’re doing. 

That leaves an anonymous email service like CTemplar that is dedicated to your privacy and anonymity.

Why Do You Need to Use CTemplar Instead of Gmail?

Unlike Gmail, which uses every opportunity to trace you and collect data from you, CTemplar strongly values your privacy.

Here’s a CTemplar sign up page:
CTemplar create account page

As you can see, there’s no phone or SMS verification here. You can leave a recovery email in case you forget your CTemplar password, but that’s optional.

Okay, but what about your IP address? Can this still be used to trace you with CTemplar?

No. CTemplar will remove your real IP  from the emails you send and they will be untraceable to you.

Not only will the email recipient not be able to see your IP address, but even CTemplar also won’t know your IP.

Anyone you send an email message through CTemplar will only see CTemplar’s IP address and not yours.

Unlike some other privacy email services, CTemplar provides full anonymity by not requiring a phone number upon registration and allowing anonymous payments through Monero, as well as auto-payment via bitcoin and cards.

Finally, CTemplar won’t monitor, store, log or share anything from you and that includes your IP address. 

Are you ready to take full control of your privacy? Sign up to CTemplar today.

Godfrey De Saint Omer

Godfrey De Saint Omer

Godfrey de Saint Omer enjoys security/security and loves the community. He welcomes comments or suggestions to the platform because he feels like many of the best comments come from average users.

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