Did you know that all emails you send and receive are permanently recorded in data centers accessible by the Goverments and large corporations?


The most dedicated email service to your Privacy & Security, CTemplar's state-of-the-art technology offers unique premium features for email protection.

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See by yourself how we score in the most security-demanding tests of the industry

Trusted Encryption

Our encryption services coder email subject, content body, and contacts. No one except you and the person you send the email to can access it. Not even us.

Instantly Delete Emails

Based in Iceland, we support instantly deleting emails when you press 'delete'. Most countries such as Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany and France require emails to be recorded for at least 6 months after the user presses 'delete'.

Anonymous Payment

As we preach anonymity, we practice it too. CTemplar is the only email service to support anonymous payments including XMR and BTC. Card payments are also accepted should you prefer.

Protection From JavaScript

We are the first and only E2EE service to actively encourage your protection from malicious JavaScript attacks. This method allows us to utilize JavaScript to handle of encryption and decryption safely.

Zero-Knowledge Passwords

We use zero-knowledge password technology that guarantees absolute protection. CTemplar does not know your password or PGP passphrase.

Android, F-Droid, and iOS Mobile Apps

Our development includes custom mobile apps including support for F-Droid. You can also access your emails safely using CTemplar's Apple or Google Play apps on your favorite devices.

Open-Source Code

All the critical parts that encrypt and decrypt your data are open-source. like most of our infrastructure. This means we are continuously audited by indepentent security experts.

Tor Network Friendly

For added security, enabling complete and total anonymous usage of CTemplar services. FYI, we don't have access to your IP address and we use CTemplar's IP for your outgoing emails.