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Add a domain

March 14, 2022Topics: Custom Domains.

This feature requires a paid plan

What is a custom domain?

A custom domain allow you to send messages using your own domain name like:

When you have a business, it is more professional to use your custom domain.

Using CTemplar for your custom domain will offer you an end-to-end encryption for your business mail.

How do you add your custom domain?

1. Go to Settings > Domains and users

2. Click on Create domain

3. Enter your domain

4. Click on Next

5. Add the TXT record provided into your DNS

6. Click on Next

7. Add the MX record provided to your DNS

8. Click on Verify – once it is display “Good” then click on Next

9. Add the SPF TXT record provided into your DNS

10. Click on Verify – once it is display “Good” then click on Next

11. Now we’re going to add the DKIM authentication record. Add the TXT record provided.
Note: DNS records can take several hours to update.

12. Click on Verify – once it shows “On”, click Next

13. To use DMARC, please add the following TXT record into your DNS

Now your domain has been added to your CTemplar account.

You can create addresses on your new custom domain by going to General > Addresses and signatures > Addresses