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CTemplar and Free Speech

March 14, 2022

CTemplar Protects Free Speech

We will always allow anyone to use our service regardless of political or religious views.  We protect everyone even if you have extreme views.

We created this email service with the desire to give our users the maximum amount of free speech.  If we lose 99% of our users because ‘a political mob” blacklists our service then we would smile knowing the 1% of people who keep using our service are who we made the service for. We have no corporate overseers or investors who can force us to obey the political mob because we’re self-financed and didn’t create this for financial reasons.

Icelandic Hate Speech Law

Please be aware that Article 233(a) of the Icelandic Penal Code is against hate speech.  It’s been our observation that this law is enforced against those who have websites devoted to calling for violence and not against our email service.  In fact, CTemplar has never had any requests or discussions with the Icelandic government related to Article 233(a).  If this changes we will immediately inform our users and give other server locations in different countries for those who have different legal needs.

Iceland is not a safe hosting location for websites offering illegal services.  For example, Dark Net markets have not been safe in Iceland and neither have websites offering stolen material like the Pirate Bay.