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Custom Domain: Namecheap

March 14, 2022Topics: Custom Domains.

Connecting a domain name to your CTemplar email account is simple but it can take several hours for Namecheap to Verify your new MX record so please be patient. Here are detailed steps on how to add a custom domain name when your domain resides in Namecheap

Step 1: (Namecheap Step) Log into Namecheap.

Step 2: (Namecheap Step) From the “Dashboard” area click on “Manage” on the address you want to add as a custom domain name. 

Step 3: (CTemplar Step) Log into Ctemplar.  Free accounts are not able to create custom domain names so confirm you’ve upgraded your account to at least a “Prime” membership.

Step 4: (CTemplar Step) In the settings area click “Domains & Users” then “Add Domain”

Step 5: (CTemplar Step) Type in your domain name

Step 6: (Namecheap Step) Go to the “Nameserver” drop-down menu and select the “Namecheap BasicDNS”

Step 7: (Namecheap Step) In the “Advanced DNS” section click “Add New Record”

Step 8: (Namecheap Step) After clicking “Add New Record” Select “TXT Record” from the dropdown menu

Step 9: (CTemplar & Namecheap Step) Copy the “Host Name” and “Value” from CTemplar and paste them into Namecheap.

Step 10: (Namecheap Step) Click “Save All Changes”

Step 11: (Namecheap Step) Stay inside the “Advanced DNS” section. Click on the “Custom MX” from the dropdown menu shown below.

Step 12: (CTemplar Step) Click Next

Step 13: (CTemplar & Namecheap Step) Copy the MX information from CTemplar and into Namecheap like you did with the TXT record

Step 14: (Namecheap Step) Save all changes

Step 15: (CTemplar Step) DNS records within Namecheap can take several hours to update.  After several hours return to the settings area within CTemplar and click “Verify”.

Step 16: (CTemplar Step) After verifying the MX record you can add a CTemplar email address with your custom domain name. Go to the “Sign

Adding “SPF”, “DKIM”, & “DMARC” will give your email address greater security and are added in a similar way that “TXT” and “MX” is added. We will outline how to do this in Part 2.