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How can I protect my account from being stolen?

March 14, 2022Topics: Account Management.

Your account can only be stolen if someone gets access to both your username and password. This can only happen if you have given your password to someone else, a phishing attack or you have some malicious key logging malware installed on your computer without your knowledge.

Keylogging malware is not common and most anti-virus and cyber security programs will protect you from the vast majority of these types of attacks. We also provide an on screen keyboard when you login to your account if you want perfect protection against keylogging malware. Keylogging software tracks your key strokes and when you use an on screen keyboard it’s not possible for this type of malware to detect what you input.

On an additional note: A CTemplar team member will never ask you for your password. Your password is hashed/salted on your computer so even we do not know it and it’s not possible for us to reverse the hash/salt process to discover it.