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How do I reset my password?

March 14, 2022Topics: Account Management.

You can reset your password only if you have set a recovery email.

Important: Since your encryption key is connected to your password, when you reset your password your emails are not readable anymore. Therefore your old emails will not be accessible anymore.

If you did not provide a recovery email at the time of sign up / or in your account and have forgotten your current password, you might lose your account forever as you are the sole manager of your email setup. Following our privacy policy, we don’t have access to your password and login details.

To add a recovery email

  1. Go to Settings > Security
  2. Enter your recovery email
  3. Save

To reset your password 

1. Go to

2. Click on Reset password (below the Login button)

3. Enter your username and your recovery email

4. Click on Submit password

5. Enter the code provided in the email sent to your recovery email

6. Enter your username

7. Enter your new password and confirm

8. Click on Submit