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Temporary store decrypted subjects

March 14, 2022Topics: Settings.

Enabling this optional setting allows a faster experience by storing the subject in your browser after the first decryption is done. You can safely enable this setting without affecting your privacy if you trust the device you’re logging in from.

There are two types of storage, and they will be used based on your “Remember Me” selection. By selecting “Remember Me” the localStorage mode will be activated; otherwise, sessionStorage.

  • sessionStorage: This type of storage lasts for one session and is cleared after the tab or window is closed. Only the CTemplar website can access and it is restricted to the current tab.
  • localStorage: This type of storage lasts for multiple sessions, tabs, and windows. The data will last until you log out or clear the data from your browser. Tor Browser and private browsing modes may also limit the lifespan of this cache memory to one session.

The first time you log in from a new device you are going to receive a request for enabling this feature on the webclient. You can change this setting at any time from Security > > On / Off and clear all the data by simply login out.