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Why the name “Templar”?

March 14, 2022Topics: Legal / Corporate.

When we were planning this project years ago, we envisioned creating a VPN, Escrow & Email service.  We liked the name “Templar” because it fit with our future vision for this project for the below reasons:

  1. Encrypted Email – The templar used ciphers to protect messages.
  2. Escrow – The Templar created one of the first banking systems and had processes in place that acted similar to how escrows work today.
  3. VPN – The Templar provided protection for the important pathways and routes in that time.

We picked the name “Templar” because their legacy fit our goals & future vision.  Please note that so far, we have only created an encrypted email service and it’s possible we will never create an Escrow or VPN.

Some people have asked if we belong to secret societies that use the name “Temple” or claim affiliation to the Templar.  It is against our company’s policy for anyone to be affiliated with any secret society.  This policy is strictly enforced because we feel membership with a secret society would create a conflict of interests.