Inspired in the ways of the medieval Knights Templar, the CTemplar mail was created to provide an anonymous and end-to-end encrypted mail to anyone who needs their communications shielded from prying eyes. We at CTemplar recognize the value in cryptography and cryptocurrency, hence the name “CTemplar” or “Crypto Templar”.

We provide an anonymous and end-to-end encrypted email. No one except you and the person you send the email can read the contents of your email, including us.

We are independently owned and funded. We actively refuse all kinds of investments, donations or grants from governments and corporations, because they expect to be given something in return.
We have proven our capabilities by creating security features never seen before, as we strive to offer the most anonymous and secure mail ever made.

Based on side-by-side comparisons, we are among the most secure email services in the world.

We are passionate about privacy and security; this is what we love. We welcome and invite you to use our email service so we can serve you.

—The CTemplar Team