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the concept of email safety

Understanding Secure Email Gateways: An Introduction for Beginners

Most of our work operations are online today. We transferred the majority of our business communication to digital platforms. Email is probably one of the most popular means. Just like any other virtual channel, it can be pretty vulnerable. There’s always a possibility of cyberattacks. That’s why proper protection is so necessary. You need to […]

April 8, 2024

email safety concept

Implementing Encrypted Email Services in Business Environments

There’s no doubt that our world is turning digital. The majority of companies today conduct their business operations online. Work, payments, communication – everything is virtual. Virtual assistant businesses are thriving globally as remote work is encouraged universally. Email remains the most popular instrument for professional communication. It’s followed closely by digital business card, revolutionizing […]

March 5, 2024


Are Disposable E-mail Addresses Really Safe to Use? Uncovering the Risks and Benefits

In today’s digital world, we’re bombarded with e-mails. From important notifications to unwanted marketing messages, our inboxes can be overflowing. This is where disposable e-mail addresses come in. These temporary e-mail addresses, often generated by free online services, promise to shield you from spam, protect your privacy, and offer anonymity online. But are they truly […]

February 9, 2024

Effective Strategies for Phishing Protection: A Practical Guide for Businesses

We’re living in a century where fishing isn’t just about casting a line and waiting for a nibble. Ever got that email claiming you won the lottery in a country you’ve never been to? Or maybe that urgent message from your bank asking for all your sensitive info? Yeah, we’ve all been there. And let’s […]

February 2, 2024

8 Ways to Secure Email Communication for Cryptocurrency Transactions

Email serves as a fundamental means of communication in the cryptocurrency landscape. It is the conduit through which traders, investors, and stakeholders exchange crucial information regarding transactions, updates, and account details. However, without adequate security measures, these communications are vulnerable to exploitation by cybercriminals. So, secure email communication is imperative for establishing trust within the […]

November 30, 2023

Email Deliverability: Best Practices for SaaS Companies

In the digital age we live in today, there’s no shortage of media channels. And yet, emails do not die and remain to be the cornerstone of communication, especially for SaaS companies. According to Statista, the number of emails sent daily is predicted to increase from $306.4 billion to $376.4 billion in 2025, which shows […]

Your Guide to Android Permissions: When to Accept and When to Refuse App Permissions?

Does this message look familiar? Most apps out there will ask for access to some of the features on your phone the first time you open it. This can be location, camera, microphone, photos, phone calls, messages and more. Here’s the question: should you always allow Android app permissions? In this article, we’ll show you […]

The Educator’s Guide to Student Privacy: How to Protect Student Data?

The notion of what counts as “student data” has changed drastically in the last few years. While before student data referred mostly to the student’s name, address, age, demographics, what course they’ve taken and their final grades, with the spread of information technology, including computers and mobile devices and the students themselves generating huge amounts […]

Can Someone Track My Phone Even if I Have Location Tracking Off?

Most people today can’t live without a mobile phone in their pocket. Everywhere they go, they absolutely must carry it with them or they will miss the most important phone call of their life or someone will post something monumental on social media. The truth is that the world will keep spinning even if you […]

CTemplar Recognizes Protonmail’s OpenPGPjs Maintenance

Edward Snowden stated: “Encryption, is the single best hope for fighting surveillance of any kind. If all our data, including our communications, were enciphered in this fashion, from end to end…then no government—no entity conceivable under our current knowledge of physics, for that matter—would be able to understand them.” OpenPGPjs is a method of encrypting email […]

Our pricing explained

Why the Price? Providing an encrypted email service costs money. Some companies, like Gmail and Yahoo, offer free email because they profit from collecting and selling your personal information. We charge a subscription fee because we do not sell our users data and because it costs money to maintain the code and servers.  We have the […]

Android App Open Beta Available

We are pleased to announce that we have launched our Android mobile app for beta testing. The app is available for all Android users by visiting the Google Play store. You can also find it by clicking this link. Open Source Android Code – We are doing an audit of our Android code during open beta testing.  […]

CTemplar Whitepaper

You can download our whitepaper here! Latest revision on: April 4th of 2022 Name: CTemplar Whitepaper.pdf Size: 518487 bytes (506 KiB) SHA1: 1ac150c0377aa6f781dffa050486ad3b1264e88c SHA256: b31159c77f7ef7a952cfc678dc9a7279b89c49bb35b965199657130e20dda791 BLAKE2sp: ab00ad343d7bce07047ddb1224ffbb774f48e108baddfeb09409f4d6249971ec

Privacy as Seen Through Fourteen Eyes

The history of citizen surveillance boils down to one simple theory: The more eyes you have watching citizens both friend and foe, the easier it is for governments to maintain peace and order. The first two countries in the world to recognize and implement this method of collaborative surveillance were the U.S. and U.K., who […]

CTemplar’s 4 Wall Protection

4 Wall Protection was defined by the CTemplar team with the goal of helping people review their privacy needs. Imagine that your privacy is a four-walled fortress. If a wall is missing, then an enemy can quickly get into your fortress. Therefore it’s vital that you make sure you receive adequate protection in the places […]

Zero-censorship policy

We pledge to our community that we will not use censorship to hide negative press about our company.  Instead, we will publish negative or unedited articles about our company on this page with credit to the author/researcher.  If you do not see an article that you feel should be here please email us at [email protected] to have […]

Transparency Report

Warranty Canary: No law enforcement agencies have been here. Watch for this statement’s removal or change. (What is a Warrant Canary?) Zero censorship policy. We do not censor harmful or revealing content about our company. We will publish all negative articles written about us HERE with the writer/researcher’s name, unedited, and any response. Password Protection: Our users’ passwords are hashed […]

Email Creation Restriction

Recently we have limited free account creation by invite only.  In the future, we might disable all new account creation for both free & paid.  We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and we want to explain why this is happening. There are two reasons for this restriction Reasons for Account Creation Restriction: How to get […]

Our apps are available

Our CTemplar email apps for Android, F-Droid & iOS have all been released. We ask for your patience as we find and resolve any remaining bugs.  That being said, when you report a bug to us we consider it a gift.  You are showing us a way to improve our product.  When you make feature requests you are also giving […]

How to Anonymously Email Someone?

What is anonymous email? There are situations when you want to avoid having your identity, including your own email address and other personally identifiable information (PII) to be known by the recipient. In those situations, you would need to use an anonymous email account. There are several ways to create an anonymous email account, as […]