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The Insider’s Guide to Anonymous Email

The Insider’s Guide to Anonymous Email

Living in a digital world has its fair share of advantages. But you often trade our anonymity and privacy to be able to enjoy them. And you do that without a second thought. Sometimes, however, you don’t want the other side to know it was you who messaged them. Can You Send an Anonymous Email? […]

April 19, 2020

How to Send Documents Securely Over the Internet

How to Send Documents Securely Over Email

What do you do when you need to send sensitive information via email?  Simply putting an attachment to your email message is easy enough to do, but so will intercepting it be for someone other than the intended recipient. If the attachment contains sensitive or confidential information, that could lead to a serious problem. Fortunately, […]

April 14, 2020

How to Send a Secure Email

How to Send a Secure Email

If you’re like most people, you probably check your inbox at least 1-3 times per day, according to Statista.  That’s 1-3 opportunities to receive malware or other malicious threats straight to your inbox, as 94% of malware gets delivered via email according to Verizon’s 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report. And, with the average cost of […]

April 8, 2020

How to Delete Emails Instantly After Send

How to Delete Emails Instantly After Sending

Have you ever sent an email that you instantly regretted after hitting “send”? Maybe you sent an email to the wrong person or it was an angry mail to your boss, telling them (in not so kind words) what you think about them? Whatever the reason, you now want to unsend an email, but it’s […]

April 6, 2020

What does it Mean to Encrypt an Email

What does it mean to Encrypt an Email?

Try to imagine the Internet without the email. It doesn’t work, does it? The two just go hand in hand and are almost inseparable.  You probably have at least one email account if not more. The email was and still is crucial for communication over the Internet. However, in recent years we’ve seen more and […]

April 5, 2020

How to Create an Anonymous Email?

For all the freedom the Internet gives us, there’s a surprising number of things we just can’t or shouldn’t say in an email.  We have to keep quiet about how corrupt our boss is lest he finds out we’ve been badmouthing him and fires us. We can’t say anything about a secret deal our government […]

April 1, 2020