CTemplar Recognizes Protonmail’s OpenPGPjs Maintenance

Edward Snowden stated: “Encryption, is the single best hope for fighting surveillance of any kind. If all our data, including our communications, were enciphered in this fashion, from end to end…then no government—no entity conceivable under our current knowledge of physics, for that matter—would be able to understand them.”

OpenPGPjs is a method of encrypting email content which is ‘battle-tested’, independently audited and extensively peer-reviewed.  On behalf of the CTemplar community, we wish to thank OpenPGPjs’s old maintainer Tankred Hase and their current maintainer ProtonMail. Their work maintaining the OpenPGPjs code impacts everyone committed to internet privacy and security.  Tankred Hase and Protonmail apply significant time & resources to maintain OpenPGPjs and then they make it freely available to everyone to utilize.  CTemplar uses OpenPGPjs to encrypt emails and we are grateful for their contributions.

CTemplar offers a niche email service for people seeking a specific set of security & protection.   We hope and believe we can exist with Protonmail in this ecosystem as friends and not enemies.  We encourage all our current and potential users to check out ProtonMail‘s email service.  If you choose to use our service we hope you are making an informed decision after reviewing all the facts.  We published a comparison table so people can compare Protonmail vs CTemplar’s security specs. This comparison does not take into account that they have been in service for more years than we have.  We identified this strength and others in the footnotes of the comparison table.