Why You Need a Custom Domain Email Address?

So you're ready to start a new online business? You will first need a website and that means having a good domain name.

Now tell me, which one of these two sounds more professional to you and which are you more likely to do any business with as a customer?

mybusiness.wordpress.com, or


I'd imagine you probably went with the second one because it does more for company branding than the first, WordPress.com version.

When it comes to branding, however, you mustn't stop with the domain name. Instead, create a custom domain email as well.

In this article, I'll explain why having a professional email address is important for your business and how to get one.

There are several reasons why you should have a custom domain email address. Here are the five biggest reasons to create custom email domain:

1) A Free Email Domain is Not Professional Enough

Yes, you can have a free @gmail or @yahoo email address, but that won't sound as professional and trustworthy as a custom domain email address will.

Here's another test for you:

Which of these two email addresses are you more likely to do business with?

PeterParkerTop100![at]Gmail.com, or


Again, I don't want to presume anything, but I think we would all go with the custom domain here over the @gmail one.

2) A Custom Domain Email Helps With Marketing

Anything that can bring more eyeballs to your website and with it your business is welcome.

Well, the same naturally goes for your custom domain email address as well.

Let's say you have a chat with someone and you give them your business card with your email address on it. Do you think they'll be more likely to check your business out if you have a custom email or a free email address?

The same goes anywhere you place your custom domain email, including marketing materials, employee email signatures and so on. A professional email can help you boost your business!

3) It's Easier to Standardize a Custom Email Address Than a Free One

If you have multiple people in your company and all are using different email account providers, then, from the customer's point of view, your company is all over the place and they won't be wrong.

Say one guy uses @gmail, another @yahoo, someone else @outlook and so on. Now imagine a customer having to send an email to support. Is it support[at]gmail or support[yahoo]?

With a custom email address, you and your potential customers won't have this problem as everything will be standardized to make everyone's lives easier and more consistent.

4) If You're Already Paying for Hosting, You're Paying for a Custom Email Domain As Well

If you don't feel it necessary to pay extra for email hosting, you should know that, if you already have a domain name to your website, you can use it to create a custom domain email as well and it won't cost you anything more.

Here's how you can make a custom and professional business email:

  1. Register a domain name from a domain registrar like NameCheap, BlueHost, or HostGator.
  2. Connect the newly registered domain name to your email provider. This might be different depending on your hosting provider, but you will first have to buy a domain. For example, if you're using BlueHost, you'll have to:

5) You Can Keep Control of Your Custom Mail When The User Leaves

Another benefit of having a custom mail account over a free email one is that with the first, you get to keep the email address for the next person when they leave.

On the other hand, when they're using their personal, free email account, they'll take that email with them as well and you'll have to create a new one from scratch for your business.

With a custom email, you can create emails for particular departments in your company. You can have one for sales, another for marketing, third for support and so on.

That way, the email address will in no way be dependent upon who is using it at the time. So, if someone leaves their position, another person can easily take over that email account and send and receive emails. They'll just need to change their display name.

Tips to Create Custom Email Domain Name for Your Business

I just showed you a few benefits of creating a custom email address.

Now, I want to give you some tips on how to create email with custom domain that you can use for your business.

We'll skip the part where you register a domain name and move straight to creating a professional business email.

1) The first thing you want is to tell your target audience that the email account is connected to your business. So use your business name in it.

The best way to do that, as you saw already, is to use a custom email account instead of a free Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook.

2) Next, you also want to standardize your email. Make sure that all within your company follow the same formula for their email accounts.

This can be, for instance, "FirstNameLastName[at]customemail.com" or the email addresses can be based on their position in the company like "info[at]customemail.com." Whatever you decide on, make sure that the emails look professional (don't add numbers or special characters in there)

3) Always use a secure email provider.

There are more and more dangers when it comes to doing business online and this goes for email in particular. From phishing emails to different types of cybersecurity threats, you should ensure that the email client you are using is secure.

The first step here is to protect your new email domain with a strong password and spam filters. If your email is using a weak password, there will be a bigger chance that someone might hack your email account.

With CTemplar, you can easily create a secure email address for yourself or your company. For a business, I would recommend Champion Plan, which includes 100 custom domains, has unlimited sending, 200 aliases and 50 GB storage.

All you have to do is go to CTemplar.com and sign up for your new encrypted email account today!