Zero-censorship policy

We pledge to our community that we will not use censorship to hide negative press about our company.  Instead, we will publish negative or unedited articles about our company on this page with credit to the author/researcher.  If you do not see an article that you feel should be here please email us at [email protected] to have it added.

1. Negative Review

A website called wrote a review about CTemplar that identified some concerns with our service.  We archived the page so anyone can read the whole negative review about us forever.  In response to his review, we updated our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service in a way that we feel properly address all the issues he identified.  We also clarified our position on the Icelandic Electronic Communications Act 81/2003.  This law requires internet service provides to record users' data for 6 months but it does not apply to email services. This enables us to instantly delete anything our users select to delete.  You can read more about our position on Icelandic law by visiting our page about it.

We contacted the author of the website with this information and we hope he will make adjustments based on our updates & clarifications.  If he chooses not to make any adjustments, or if he finds more negative things about our service, we will have no negative feelings toward him.

Edit March 5th, 2020: It has come to our attention that the Dig.Deeper team posted additional comments about the CTemplar service.  We are working on a response to his comment and we will post it here when it is complete.

2.  Issues Identified in Github by fabianski7 during the review.

On March 9th, 2020 Github user Fabiansky7 stated " I was looking at CTemplar and it really seems to be an alternative but let me just get off the subject of this discussion to talk about the free plan.
Only three e-mails per hour? Really? Not even for a simple test before you migrate from another server is that enough."

On March 10th, 2020, Fabiansky7 stated:

It seems that using user.js from ghacks breaks most of the site. Accessing doesn't seem to be an easy task. See the amount of errors in the console: They repeat themselves everywhere. Some pages don't even open. You have an insecure connection on the registration page. See: If security.mixed_content.block_active_content is active (which is the default) it won't be possible to see the clock image.

Fabiansky7 was asked by the moderator not to post these types of comments to the channel.  The CTemplar team believes he did it because of his passion for users'. privacy & security.  If his comments are removed we want to be sure user Fabiansky7's findings are taking into account by anyone considering our service.

The CTemplar team will track these issues in the appropriate channels and post updates here.

3. Data loss incident

We had a data loss incident as outlined in the posts below:

The steps we've taken to prevent this from happening again is outlined here: