Top 10 Privacy Activists to Follow on Social Media in 2022

You’ve probably heard the names Edward Snowden and Julian Assange being thrown around in a conversation about Internet privacy and digital surveillance, but those are not the only privacy activists whose names you should know. Here are 10 more privacy activists that you should pay attention to and follow on social media in 2022: Biggest […]

November 30, 2023

Why Augmented Reality is a Privacy Nightmare and What Can You Do to Protect Your Data in it?

One of the biggest news in the tech industry last year was the decision by Facebook to change its name to “Meta”. This isn’t your normal brand name change, it’s much more than that, but first and foremost, it shows which way Facebook wants to go. Virtual and augmented reality technology. Let’s take a look […]

Identifying People by Their Browsing Histories (Yes, it’s Quite Possible)

Most people don’t pay much attention to their web browsing histories (other than sometimes deleting it so that their significant others don’t see the sites they visit), but that can be a big mistake. In one of our previous articles, we discussed why it is important to hide your browsing history from your ISP and keep […]

When Your Freedom Depends on an App: How Government-Mandated Apps Can be Used for Mass Surveillance

When the coronavirus started to spread around the world, almost the immediate response of many countries has been to enforce the use of Covid-19 tracing apps in their populations. The idea was that this technology would help identify the people who have potentially been exposed to the virus and ultimately contain it. Well, as we […]

Surveillance Machines are All Around Us: What Types of Surveillance Equipment are Out There?

It’s really difficult these days to take two steps out of your home and not feel the eyes of video surveillance cameras on you. Today, wherever we go, whether in a store, a bank, or even outside in public areas, there is surveillance equipment to monitor us. So what are the different types of surveillance […]

Is Your Secure Browser Spying on You? (Which Online Security Tool and Secure Browser are Spying on You?)

As people start thinking more about online security, they realize that Google Chrome is not the only browser in town. Chrome is still (and will likely be for a very long time) the dominant web browser, with 81% of Internet users using it as of December 2021, according to W3Schools. However, in recent years, secure browsers […]

PHI of 138k individuals Exposed in 3 Email Security Incidents

Personal Health Information (PHI) of a combined 138,000 individuals have been exposed in three separate data breaches at Injured Workers Pharmacy, iRise Florida Spine and Joint Institute and Volunteers of America Southwest California, writes HIPAA Journal. Injured Workers Pharmacy Andover Injured Workers Pharmacy, Andover, Massachusetts, reported a data breach they discovered on 11th May, 2021 after […]

Zero Day Zimbra Mail Vulnerability Discovered

A new zero-day XSS vulnerability in the Zimbra webmail client, dubbed “Operation EmailThief” was discovered by the incident report company Volexity. According to a blog post, Volexity discovered a series of targeted spear-phishing campaigns last year in December against a customer from a threat actor identified as TEMP_Heretic. The attacker targeted organizations in the European government and […]

The Evolution of Phishing Campaigns and How You Can Fight Back

Phishing is not a new phenomenon. In fact, it has been around since 1996. Today, most people are familiar with phishing and what it looks like, so a regular phishing attack isn’t much of an issue to most email users. So why is it that hackers are still trying it? Didn’t they get the memo that […]

Governments are Using Secret Spyware. Can You Spot and Stop Hidden Spy Apps?

On 2nd October, 2018, a Saudi journalist, Washington Post columnist and dissident, Jamal Kashoggi was abducted from the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey by a team of 15 Saudi government agents, strangled and his body dismembered and disposed of. The murder of Jamal Kashoggi shook the world naturally, for its gruesomeness, but it also serves […]

What is Smishing and How to Protect Against it?

Most people who use email somewhat regularly have heard about phishing and may even have some idea how to protect themselves against it (if you don’t here’s a good reminder on how to protect from an email-based phishing attack). However, what a lot of folks don’t know is that phishing doesn’t have to come from only […]

What is Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS Model Explained)

A ransomware attack is one of the better known and most feared online security threats and each year it gets worse. So what is behind this growth of ransomware attacks? Many things, but one in particular – ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS). What is a Ransomware Attack? To understand the ransomware-as-a-service, we need to understand the ransomware attack itself and know […]

What is a Data Leak and How to Handle One?

Losing your data is bad, but having it exposed in a data breach is even worse. The problem is getting worse every year, with more and more data leaks happening and affecting both small and large businesses, without prejudice. Your business could also be at risk of a data leak, without you even realizing it. […]

Google Privacy Sandbox Coming to Android

Although Google’s Privacy Sandbox initiative wasn’t met with the universal praise that was expected (one Reddit user called it a “consumer-friendly speak for unknowingly opting in to FLoC”), the company seems to like it well enough to bring Privacy Sandbox to Android apps and devices. Let’s find out what this means for the digital advertising industry and user data privacy […]

How to Protest Without Sacrificing Your Digital Privacy: A Data Security Guide for Online Activists

On 24th February, Russia attacked Ukraine. On the same day, anti-war protests were held in several Russian cities. These protests were quickly dispersed by the Russian police, arresting around 2,000 people. Of course, the protests didn’t end there and according to an independent human rights media project against political persecution, OVD-Info, a total of 6,858 anti-war […]

Why Data Security Management is Important for Your Business Continuity?

If you want to understand your customers better and to make better business decisions, you need to collect the right data. However, you also need to be aware of the various data security threats that loom above such as hackers and data breaches and do everything that you can to protect your digital information from […]

Your “Right to Privacy”: What Do the Constitution and the Law Say?

You’ve probably heard the phrase “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” from the U.S. Declaration of Independence. While not legally binding, this motto is the cornerstone of the United States government and the Constitution. This, of course, isn’t the only such motto. The French have “Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite” (Liberty, Equality, Fraternity), the British“Peace, Order and Good […]

Security and Privacy in the Metaverse:

Security and Privacy in the Metaverse: How to Keep Your Virtual Life Safe?

On 28th October, 2021, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, introduced a radical change to the biggest social network and his other services at the Connect 2021 conference. That change was the shift from the digital world and social media platforms to augmented reality and virtual reality, or the metaverse (the term coined first by […]

October 26, 2023

What is Cyber Warfare

What is Cyber Warfare and How is Cyber War Waged?

Despite the current conflict in Ukraine, our modern society sees a lot fewer armed conflicts than 3-4 decades ago for instance. Most countries realize that it’s better to “play nice” with others, rather than pull out their guns and risk the lives of their people for what usually amounts to little to no gain. That […]

April 17, 2022

How to Detect Stalkerware Apps

How to Detect Stalkerware Apps on Your Mobile Device and Protect From it?

Put down your mobile phone for a moment. Someone might be spying on you as you are using it. In this article, we’ll explain how to detect stalkerware on your both Android and iPhone mobile devices and how to protect yourself from it. What is Stalkerware? In 2019, Google discovered and removed 7 stalkerware apps […]

April 13, 2022