What does BCC Mean in Email and is Blind Carbon Copy Safe?

Did you know that when sending out an email to multiple recipients, you have three options to choose from: Of these three, you are probably the most familiar with the “To” option. If you leave this field empty, your email message would have nowhere to go and would just sit in your drafts. However, when […]

November 30, 2023

Can Opening an Email Get You Hacked?

Did you know that 47.3% of all email is spam, which is around 15 billion spam email messages sent every day? Today it’s email security 101 not to download an email attachment or click on a malicious link in a spam message as this can likely lead to malware infection, but what about simply opening a […]

How to Avoid Social Engineering Attacks?

When we talk about data security, the emphasis is usually on the more technical dangers such as viruses and malicious software. However, while ensuring that your sensitive data is protected with the latest anti-virus software, there is another weakness that attackers can attempt to exploit – humans. In this article, we’ll focus on protecting your […]

Video Conferencing Security Best Practices and Apps

The Covid 2019 pandemic has completely changed the way many businesses work. Nowhere is this better seen than in the meteoric rise of video conferencing. Just in the first two months of the start of the Covid 2019 pandemic, the video conferencing market went up 500%. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the market was […]

What are the Pros and Cons of Biometric Authentication Technology?

As data breaches happen with more regularity each year and companies lose more money as a result it is becoming clear that protecting your sensitive data with only a password is no longer sufficient. One of the biggest problems when it comes to the authentication process is determining if the person is really who they […]

Best Practices and Tips for Digital Security and Privacy for Journalists

As a journalist, your mission is to inform citizens about their society, government, and other things so they can make the best decisions for themselves. Unfortunately, what you’ll soon find out (if you haven’t already) is that those in power usually don’t want you to do that and the more you dig for sensitive information, […]

Pros and Cons of Password Managers (Should You Use a Password Manager?)

How many times did you try to log in to an online account only for your brain to go blank when you needed to fill out the password? An average person in 2020 had 100 passwords, according to a study done by a password manager company NordPass so it’s no wonder why we keep forgetting our passwords […]

How to Set Up (and Use) Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)?

When it comes to sending secure and encrypted messages, very few protocols come even close to Pretty Good Privacy or PGP encryption. While PGP encrypt has been around since the 1990s, its use never spread much beyond the privacy-conscious and technically-savvy. For example, a typical Gmail user might not have even heard of PGP software, let alone […]

Email Encryption Market Forecast (2021-2027)

As the need to protect sensitive data increases, so too does the email encryption market grows. We are looking at the global email encryption market by component, by organization size, by development mode, by end user, by regional outlook, industry analysis report and forecast, 2021-2027 by Research and Markets. Note that this is only an overview […]

Analyzing the Types of Email Services Used in BEC (Business Email Compromise)

In 2020, the FBI’s IC3 (Internet Crime Complaint Center) got 19,369 BEC (Business Email Compromise complaints, for an adjusted loss of $1.8 billion. BEC scams are not a new thing and they’ve been around for a while, but they are getting more sophisticated as scammers invent new ways to fraud people via email. We can see this, […]

Microsoft Edge and OneDrive Syncing Without Warning or Consent

When Google Chrome introduced Sync in 2012, many users saw this as a helpful feature since they could now have their documents available on all their devices at the same time. Soon after, more browsers, including Firefox, Edge, Opera, followed, introducing browser syncing to their users as well. However, before you give your browser and […]

What is Facial Recognition? Should You be Worried About Facial Recognition Security?

Telling a human face is a core social skill and one that we developed throughout our evolution. But not everyone is as good at it which makes facial recognition done by humans spotty at best. In recent years, facial recognition technology has seen a surge as the market size is expected to grow from $3.8 […]

What are the Security Risks of Encryption Backdoors That can Affect Your Privacy and Security?

On 29th September, 107 Belgian organizations and cybersecurity experts wrote an open letter to their government calling for it to drop the draft law that would force companies to weaken their end-to-end encryption systems to provide access to law enforcement agencies. In the letter, the signatories say: Far from making Belgians sager, these requirements would […]

Email Scammers Use QR Codes to Bypass Email Security

Cloud email security company Abnormal identified and blocked nearly 200 emails sent to their customers between 15th September and 13th October 2021. These emails were all part of a phishing campaign that used malicious QR codes to steal Microsoft 365 credentials. By using the QR codes, scammers were able to circumvent the URL scan feature for attachments in traditional […]

How an App Tracks Your Location Before and After?

Does this sound familiar? You search for something on your mobile phone. Maybe it’s winter coats. You check some shopping websites, maybe even click on some ads. Next thing you know, whatever app you open, there’s an ad for winter jackets (or whatever you were searching for) wherever you go. Why does this happen even […]

How to Prevent Potential Privacy Breaches Because of Mistakenly Sending of Emails via Cc Instead of Bcc?

It’s quite funny how even after so many years of using it, people still make mistakes when it comes to sending emails. One of the most common (and most dangerous) is putting recipients into Cc (Carbon copy) instead of Bcc (Blind carbon copy). This can be a costly mistake as doing this constitutes a data […]

Secure Your Business with CTemplar Enterprise Email Encryption Software

Email communication is a vital tool for businesses, but it is far from secure and can expose an organization’s sensitive information and put its data at risk. This is why companies need to secure their data with different security solutions and one of the most important that they can use to prevent unauthorized access is […]

Can Mouse Movements Reveal Your Behavior?

We already know that the browser you’re using and how you’re using it can reveal a lot about your online behavior through browser fingerprinting, but did you ever consider how much can mouse movements reveal your behavior? According to the computer scientists at the University of Luxembourg and international partners, this is just the case. In […]

Unhealthy Data Harvesting Habits From Health Apps and More Bad Privacy Practices

Consumer data is an invaluable tool for companies to better understand their customers’ needs, wants and desires. In fact, all big tech companies engage in some form of data collection and even smaller ones do it. The problem, however, is when data collection turns into data harvesting. Almost all mHealth Apps on Google Play Engage in Bad […]

Best Hardware Security Keys for Multi-Factor Authentication

When it comes to securing online accounts, most people don’t think beyond a username and password and even then, they re-use their passwords or use weak passwords. Both of these habits are bad security practices as any hacker worth his salt can find a way to crack these passwords and take control of your online […]