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Topic: Composing an Email

Disabling the HTML Editor

Disabling HTML editor will allow you to use plain text editor for composing email. To disable HTML content: Go to Settings > General settings > HTML editor Select Disabled Click on Save What is the difference between HTML and plain text? HTML This is the default message format. Enabling HTML format will allow you to: use text formatting […]

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Setting up a signature

You can add automatically a signature at the end of your messages as a footer. 1. Go to: Settings > Signatures & addresses 2. Enter the signature that you want to display at the end of your message as a footer by filling in the field: Signature 3. Your signature will automatically be displayed when you compose […]

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Delay or schedule sending email messages

This feature requires a paid plan You can delay or schedule the delivery of an email message for a specified time. 1. Compose a new message 2. Click on Delayed delivery 3. Select the date and the time you want the email to be sent 4. Click on Confirm 5. Once your email is ready, click on Sent […]

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Using the self-destruct timer

This feature requires a paid plan You can set a parameter in order to self destruct an email on a specific time. 1. Compose a new message 2. Click on Auto self destruct 3. In the pop-in that appears, select the date and the time you want the email to self destruct 4. Once your email […]

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Attachment size limit depends on your account plan: Free account: up to 10 MB Paid account: up to 50 MB To add an attachment: Compose a new email Click on Attachments Select the file you want to upload Click on Open

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Setting up a dead man’s timer

This feature requires a paid plan You can compose an email which will be automatically sent if you don’t login and the timer is up. For example, if you set the timer to 2 months and you don’t log in for 2 months, the email will be sent. Else, the timer is reset with each […]

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Delayed emails

In some cases, recipients’ email servers can defer emails that you have sent. When it happens, an automatic email is sent with the following information: From: <> Subject: Warning: message IDNUMB3R delayed 48 hours What does this mean? Your email is queued and we will retry sending it until it is accepted or permanently rejected. If […]

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Reading an encrypted email

If you are a non-CTemplar user and you have received an encrypted email, you can easily read it by following the steps below. Note that once you open the message, it will be available for 5 days. In order to keep an encrypted conversation, you can reply to that message without having a CTemplar account. […]

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Sending encrypted email to non-CTemplar users

You can send encrypted email for non-CTemplar users. Encrypted messages to non-Ctemplar recipients, are kept for a maximum of 5 days. 1. Compose a new message 2. Click on Encryption for non-Ctemplar users 3. In the pop-in that appears, enter the following information: password to encrypt the message password hint expiration time: expiry time should be […]

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