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Topic: Settings

Temporary store decrypted subjects

Enabling this optional setting allows a faster experience by storing the subject in your browser after the first decryption is done. You can safely enable this setting without affecting your privacy if you trust the device you’re logging in from. There are two types of storage, and they will be used based on your “Remember […]

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Deleting Aliases

We give users the option to disable aliases.  When an alias is disabled all emails that are sent to that address are permanently lost. We do not currently support deleting aliases for a combination of security reasons.

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Change default composer size

By default, the composer size is “Small pop-up”. To change the default composer size: Go to Settings > General > General Settings For the option Default composer size, select either: Small pop-up OR Full screen

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Notification emails

You can receive a notification to another email address when you have new emails in your CTemplar account. Go to Settings > General > Notification Email Enter the email address Save Each day, you will receive a notification email with the number of emails you have in your CTemplar inbox.

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Desktop notifications (via browser)

You can get email notifications when you are logged in to CTemplar and have it open in your browser. Turn notifications on Based on your browser settings, you will be asked if you allow CTemplar to send you notifications. In order to be notified when you receive a new email, allow notifications. Google Chrome First […]

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Set up an autoresponder

You can choose to set up an autoresponder based on time or on dates. When people send you an email, they will automatically receive a notification with the message you have specified. To set it up: Go to Settings > Forwarding and autoresponder Select “Autoresponder” or “Vacation Autoresponder” Fill in the time or date range and the […]

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Configure the sender name

1. Go to: Settings > Signatures & addresses 2. Enter the name that you want to display as sender by filling in the field: Display name 3. The name you enter above is what recipient will see when they get an email from you Configure sender name by aliases (addresses) If you have set aliases (addresses), select […]

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Dark mode

To turn on dark mode: Go to Settings > General > Appearance Select Dark mode: Enabled Here is how will be displayed your inbox once you have turn on the dark mode: My email is not correctly displayed due to the dark mode, what can I do?  You can display the original email by clicking on the […]

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Automatically forward messages to another account

You can choose to forward automatically all of your new messages to another email address. 1. Go to Settings > Forwarding and autoresponder > Forwarding  2. Click on Add a forwarding address 3. Add the forwarding address you want to forward emails 4. Click on Submit 5. Enter the verification code sent to provided email address 6. Click […]

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